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April 12

Happy Monday Everyone,


The scripture for today is Genesis 2:1-2


Genesis 2:1-2 Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished.  And on the seventh day, God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.


God, in His majestic work of creation, laid out a universe so splendid, perfectly beautiful and immense that it is beyond comprehension. The beauty, order and power included in His creation are reflections of His person. Out of the heart of God came the power and beauty of God displayed in physical form for all to see. God is wonderfully displayed in His creation. Except for the entrance of sin, mankind would continuously rejoice in His creative power and beauty.


God took six literal days to create all that we can see and beyond. On the seventh day God rested. When we think of rest, we assume that the one resting is tired from his or her labors. God does not get tired; “Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the LORD, The Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable.” Isaiah 40:28 Everything that God created was created for us. He knew that we would need a day of rest, a day to come aside from our labors and enjoy rest and fellowship with Him. Jesus said, "The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath.” Mark 2:27 Man was created on the Sixth day of creation and the Sabbath was given to him as a gift, an oasis in time for rest and fellowship with God.


Many today discard God’s gift of the Sabbath, but it was so important to God that He included it in His Moral Law, the Ten Commandments. God loves us and knows what is best for us. A life that is lived for Him will be a life that honors and obeys all of His commandments. They are not there to show that He is the boss; they are there for our benefit.


Thank God for His creation and thank God for giving us the gift of rest. May our lives be found in Christ, who is the Lord of the Sabbath. May we follow in the steps of a Sabbath keeping Savior.


God bless you as you continue in His service.