Upcoming Events

Sabbath School Classes
Sat 5/18 9:30 am
Church Service
Sat 5/18 10:55 am
Fellowship Luncheon
Sat 5/18 12:30 pm
Prayer Meeting
Tue 5/21 7:00 pm

A Community of Believers

Mountain View Seventh-Day Adventist church is a community of believers that believe in coming together to worship our Creator, loving each other, and setting aside time each week to rest in the assurance of God’s love. We believe in biblical principles and how we live our lives. We desire to seek God through:

  • Prayer: Persevering and Praying God's promises. Inviting the Holy Spirit to fill us completely with the Love of Jesus.
  • Worship: Worshiping God in spirit and obedience to biblical truth.
  • Service: Loving God with all our heart, mind, soul, and being and Loving our neighbor as ourselves
  • Discipleship: Provide Emotional and Spiritual care and Compassion like Jesus.
  • Evangelism: Baptizing disciples in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Nurture Your faith

God Loves you with an everlasting Love. We would like to passionately grow closer to you no matter where you are in your journey. We believe in a personal connection with each other through small group ministries, and bible studies.

Church Life

Spiritual Gifts and Small Groups Ministries

Small groups are biblically based and have their foundation in scripture. Church life for newly baptized members and the spirit filled church in Acts 2. Believers were devoted to the apostles teaching, loving, caring, sharing, and nurturing. They also broke bread and prayed together. Prayer bonds members together, strengthens for daily life, and empowers the Holy Spirit to bless each other.

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Health Ministry

Whole-person care addresses the four dimensions of wholistic health: mental, physical, spiritual, and social.

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Prevailing Prayer

Prayer is the lifeblood of the Church, strengthens our relationship with Christ and enables us to lead others to Him. Member's relationships are strengthened through 10 days of prayer and 40 days of prayer devotional studies.

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Familia Espanol

Tiempo Especial de Oración: No olviden el tiempo especial de oración para aquellos que desean orar por nuestros niños y los miembros de familia quienes se han distanciado de la Iglesia

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Prayer & Praise

Prayer is the opening of our heart to God.  Prayer is the essential lifeblood of the church family. We are supplied strength and comfort to endure the trials before us. By calm simple faith we gather rays of divine light that sustains us. We offer comfort and personal care to each other and are blessed with what we receive from God.

The Sealing Message


Supporting Mountain View

The ministry of Mountain View SDA Church can only happen through your support. Thank you for your prayers, your words of encouragement, and your financial gifts. We couldn't do it without you.


316 15th Ave
Longmont, CO 80501

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9:30am: Bible Study Classes

10:55am: Worship Service

12:30pm: Fellowship Luncheon